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‘The images of lesbians weren't me. I wish I'd known when I was fifteen that Dusty Springfield was a lesbian’

‘We were walking down the street, not holding hands or anything, and these boys shouted out 'Are you lesbos?' and I shouted back 'Are you ASBO’s?’

‘My youngest son has never come to terms with my sexuality. He doesn't talk to me. It breaks my heart. He was my baby. I've never seen his three children and they don't know their granny. I'm 73 and all I wish for is that before I pop my clogs, he comes to see me’

'I didn't come out till I was 40 so I want to own the word 'lesbian'. It was hard- fought for. I'd waited so long’

Dawn Jutton decorated a blazer with testimony about being an older lesbian/gay woman


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