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The Film

I am in the process of making extracts from ‘Marinade’ into a short film about racism and anti-semitism, exploring what it means to be Ashkenazi, Anglo-Jewish, white and ’marinated in racism‘.

The multi-layeredness of Ashkenazi Anglo-Jewish white identity, and the complexity of the intersection of anti-semitism and racism, will be reflected through a highly-stylised, forensically-edited combination of re-worked 60s and 70s Super 8 footage, family photographs, performance to camera and animation. An original and dynamic soundtrack will sample voice and layer vocals in response to the spoken word, pushing boundaries with a blend of beat-box styles and soulful Klezmer and Arab/Jewish melodies and loops.

The film will be submitted to international Jewish, social justice and poetry film festivals, as well as being a creative and innovative resource to enable exploration of racism and anti-semitism in the White Noise workshops I lead for white people.


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