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The Workshop

white noise* workshops offer a space for white people to have creative and engaged conversations about white identity and privilege and what it means to build commitment to ending racism. Using expressive writing, discussion and listening activities, we address issues such as -

  • the devastating effect of racism on People of the Global Majority and on the planet

  • the impact of racism on our ability to think and act as white people

  • white domination and superiority

  • accelerating our unity as white people without ‘papering over’ our differences

  • making, acknowledging and correcting mistakes

  • the relationship between Mental Health Oppression and racism

  • contradictions to powerlessness and discouragement

  • strategies and action for change

White Noise workshops are individually designed to meet organisations’ needs and situations. Contact Leah for more information

* White Noise contains all frequencies and is frequently used to mask other sounds


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